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Hi Everyone, Rie's here~~~

So last Friday me and my gurls decided to take a peek in this place called Koffie Warung Tinggi at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. I gotta say that it's a little bit too pricey for such a mini "martabak" but oh well when there's quantity there's quality right??? We order 2 pieces, the ovomaltine and ferrero rocher. I gotta say that it taste HEAVENLY, definetely reccomended this place
A nice place to hang-out,chat with your friends, and sipping a glass of tea...or coffee ( I'm really not into coffee .__. 

on the left side the ovomaltine, on the right side the ferrero rocher
 As for me, I prefer the ovomaltine~

Me and my gurlz

Now, move on to my OOTD section ahahahahaa

Cute easter bunny

Black boots that I bought from my previous trip in Spore

Look at my bag, cute ain't it? 

As you can see I'm wearing a chocolate blouse with skirtpants and black stockings, paired it with black boots. 

That's all for it, now with the closing pics, feast your eyes with this cute statue I found ohohoohoho

Look forward to my next post, neeeee~

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