Yahoooo, it's Rie. Miss me? :)

Hope you do hehehe

So, last saturday I went to Paul with my friends. 

It's really make me curious about this place actually, see, there's so many people told me that this cafe have some seriously delicious cakes, not to mention that the place itself is quite pretty.
There's an outdoor and indoor part, but because we visit the place on 3.00 PM we decided to sit inside the cafe because of the heat.
Anyway these are the cakes that we order that day.

Moelleux Chocolat
 This is just a simple chocolate cake, but I love it, the texture's smooth, the density was right on the point and also moist. The cake's also not too overwhelming sweet, it suits my palate, I love the homey feeling I get while eating this cake.

Eclair aux Framboises
 This one's right here is the BOMB, It's the famous eclair that people would die for ( according to the staff haha ) But I have to agree, it's so freaking delicious, the light texture sweet cream accompany with the tangy raspberries, it's just sooooo yummyyyyy, I can't describe it with words, you just have to try it yourself.

Millefeuille Chcolat
 This one's here is too sweet for me and the filling's so generous. It's a lot of choco cream, it's delicious but I suggest that if you want to order this, split it with your friends, because you're gonna feel so nauseated if you trying to finish this dessert all by your own.

Moelleux Chocolat accompany with Earl Grey Tea

Overall the dessert taste yummy, I'll definetely coming back to this cafe to try another desserts and also the entree.
The interior of the cafe also very neat, a good place to hang-out and chatting with your friends, family or beloved ones. You'll feel like you're in French ahahaha
The desserts start around 45k each, but heyyy It's worth the price :)

Now, on to the OOTD section yeayyyyy~~~
I bought the tops at Bandung, the skirt at Colorbox, and the bag at VNC.

See my hair? It's mermaid hair style
I styled it using Tsuyagla, suits me,no? Makes me look mature in my opinion ohohohoho :D
Hope you lot like it, don't forget to follow me on IG : http://instagram.com/gabriela_wu
Look forward for the next post neeee~~~

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  1. Hey!

    Allow me to be the first commenter in your blog.
    Really nice design, and photos! (You look really pretty!)

    For the title, "光の輝き" might sound nicer. But I'm guessing that you're trying to match the English meaning right?
    Halation becomes ハレーション in Japanese. Although since it means spreading of light, I think "広がる光" sounds nicer. But that's me.

    By the way, it's really nice reading your blog. I can feel that you're trying hard to use your English (maybe you'll allow me to fix it).

    Lastly, mind telling me where the shop is located? I'll try Google, but obtaining it from the one who recommend it seems easier. Please keep up with the blog.



  2. Err...
    Not to be a jerk.
    Just a common people pass through, imo
    the shirt (or dress) is kinda baggy tho... and i dont find it good enough. I think you can do better.

    No offense or maybe i am just too 'dumb' in fashion. Hi anyway...


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