Hey-hooo Rie's here ehehe~~~

Umm, once again there's no review about cafe or restaurant in this one

Anyway, you know that Xeri and I were aiming to achieve that Virgin Snow hair color (White), no?
Actually we already achieved it, yayyyy
about um, a week ago or so, I guess. Here's the proof

Ta-dahhhh, but, you know, I guess sometimes it depends on the lighting? Because when I went into a cafe with slightly dimmed light, my hair color would appear as platinum blonde, which I hate lol

I bleached and colored my hair at Headquarters Salon, it's in Central Park on Upper Ground floor
My fave hairstylist is Alvin, he's the one on the left. 
I love how he understand what I want and sometimes giving me crazy idea about what kind of hairstyle would fit me, so basicaly I've always have my hair cut and style by him.

 And my fave hairstylist assistance is Rico, he's the one on the right. He's so talkative and funny, you won't get bored around him, especially when the treatment took way too much time :))

Now here's a funny thing, when I went to grab dinner at Kiyadon, Grand Indonesia, the waitress there greet me with english lolz, me as a kind and humble person went along with her and using english. And when it's time to paid the bill I told the cashier that it's okay to speak Bahasa to me 'cause I'm not a foreigner, I can see the waitress and cashier face gone blushing lolz

Somehow, I like it though ahahaha
Aaaanyway, let's not drag it for much longer, off we go to the OOTD section

Ohhh, and take a look at this cutie that I bought from an online shop via IG called Bichudaa

So cute isn't it? :). Make sure to check her IG: Bichudaa, when you have the time

Where to buy?
Top: Uniqlo
Bottom: Uniqlo
Bag: Uniqlo
Pink panther bracelet: Bichudaa

Guess that's it for today
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