Licht und Schatten/明暗


How many days have passed like this?
This city the crowd is fading, moving on.

Darkness falls on another day.
And the light just seems so far away.
Am I here all alone?

...That's what she used to think. Things are different now.
For she realized darkness and light belong to each other.
The moment she embrace that, I was born.

Tears, screams, bruises, pain...She had enough.
Broken wings, soundless voice, she scream at the top of her lungs,
but still no one hear her. How fragile...

Seeking sanctuary at her heart, she created me.
The gentle light that shine so brilliantly embraces the sinister darkness.

Now, she's no longer a weak and broken person,
because she knows that there's someone that support her
from behind.
She's been broken, She'll rise again.

In this world full of nonsense, I won't let anyone defiled or tainted her.
That innocent smile must never be erased from her face.

I will keep supporting her, until the day when she can finally
stand firm with her own feet and meet someone worthy of her.
I am her, she is me. As long as she's alive, I will be part of her.

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