Black Wing / 黒い翼


Hey, it's Xeri.
Sorry for the blog being on a hiatus for abouts 2 weeks or so
Yeh know..., we're just busy. But, we promise you we're going to be more active in updated our blog.

Anyway, I visited the restaurant in Plaza Senayan, name Union, sounds familiar?
It's kinda famous, there's also a bar inside
The Red velvet here is pretty famous yeh know, sadly when I got there it's already sold out

So, here's what I eat

Nastar Cake

Old fashion chocolate cake

a basket of bread as compliment

There's a Nastar Cake, Old Fashion Chocolate Cake and A basket of bread as compliment.
The Nastar Cake, there's nothing special in that one but it taste pretty good. As for the Old Fashion Chocolate Cake, I'm in love with it. It's moist, not that sweet, just like how my Nanny used to bake for me, ohhh so much nostalgia.

I almost forgot, I also order this one

Aglio Olio Spaghetti
It's a Aglio Olio Spaghetti with Scallops, The Scallops killed it in this one, so delicious, it's not rubbery, cooked into perfection.

If you happened to visit this place in the near future, I reccomended the Red Velvet Cake, Happy Birthday Cake, Old Fashion Chocolate Cake, and Cake Sampler. Simply yummy

Now, on to the OOTD Section

Where to buy ?
Harem Pants: Giordano
Watch: Swatch
Snapback and Rings: H&M
Blue jeans shirt: Forever 21

Thanks for reading, hope yeh lot like it
'Till next time
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