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Ho Ho Ho Ho

Sooooo I funally decided to make me  a blog, ermehgard !!!!! *hahahahaha
Well I think my blog will mostly talk about what I wear anddddd my dance cover videos
Well not k-pop dance covers but japan dance covers, you know, like the one that choreograph by Miume or Melochin or even those that I find amusing~
I am so into it right now gosh !!!!, For those who didn't know Miume or Melochin, go and search them on youtube, ohhh and Ars Magna and Guilty Hearts as well, love them all ~~~~

Well since I'm a newbie around here, please guide me and also when you leave a comment do not use harsh words or even cursing


Guess that's all, look forward for my new posts oke :)

Here's a little something I've done with my friends back when we're still on our 3rd semester #OhGodWhy
Notes !!!! We're just fooling around okay, don't take it so seriuosly huahuahuahuaha

FYI, my hair's longer now hohohohohho, here's a pict

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