White and Red Easter


Rie's here,again~
Happy Easter for those who celebrate~~~
Today I visit Marche for Dinner, well not quite the dinner time, I mean it's 4.30 PM ahahahahah but whatever.

I visit the one in Plaza Senayan by the way, I gotta say almost every food served there taste so damn good, don't forget the drinks and deserts too,yummy.

Here's the pics of what me and my partner in crime eat today

Tazmanian Salmon with Salad and Mashed Potatoes
Really2 reccomend this fish, it's so fresh I can taste the sea in my mouth, the salad's dressing is pretty tasty as well, love it love it love it

Seafood Creamy Pasta
 As for creamy pasta it taste pretty good, but still under the tazmanian salmon in my opinion

On the left Pineaplle+Apple+Orange, On the Right Apple+Carot+Orange
 Talk about fresh juice, this is definetly definetly my favorite drink. I mean they didn't add any sugar,water and ice cube. So all you got in 1 glass is pretty much all fruit~~~

Carrot Cupcake And Choco Brownie
The choco brownie is a little too strong for me and a little bitter for my palete while the carrot cupcake taste so unique. I love the cream on top, much prefer the cupcake rather than the brownie.

Sorry for the silly face hahhhahaha

Now, on to the OOTD section, yeayyyy~~~
The blouse's from Uniqlo, Red flare skirt from Miss Selfridge. The bag and shoe, well I bought them online.

Anyway, gotta give thanks to this girl over here for snapping my pics, my partner in crime~
love ya to the moon and back

That's all for today you lot, thank you for reading, aaannnddddd here's a cow Lolz

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