Hologram much ?!?!?!


Hi it's Xeri, and yes there's a review about foods in this post
So, there's this cafe in Pantai Indah Kapuk which nowadays gaining popularity and it's called "Sumoboo"

Well here's a thing, I went there yesterday at 3.00 PM and yeh know what, I have to wait for about 50 minutes to get a table inside for God sake. Here's the dessert that I ordered along with my friends and also some ramen because we're so hungry

Naked Ramen
Boo!! Kakigori Matcha flav
Sumoboo's Grass Jelly wit' Red Bean Ice Cream
Sumoboo's Grass Jelly wit' Choco Ice Cream
Kakigori Nutella
Well in my opinion the ramen taste's not bad, little portion though.
And for the dessert, sorry to say among all the dessert that we ordered the one that really stands out is only the Kakigori Nutella. The other??? Not as good as Hong Tang, even taste too sweet mannnnnn

Will I come back again to Sumoboo??? Sorry, maybe I won't. Not really worth it
I rate it 2 out of 5.
The price is normal I think, for dessert starts from 30K.

Now then, OOTD section

I bought everything on an online shop
Thanks for reading, this photos are taken in Baywalk Pluit, Gorgeous Mall I gotta say
Hope yeh lot like it
Well, look forward for the next post nahh
Who knows, maybe it's Me or Rie who will come out

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