TGI Friday


Hi there, it's me again~~~. So yesterday my older brother and I went to this restaurant called TGI Friday.
Here's what it looks like inside

Now, about the food. I ordered th Ribs and my brother ordered Jack Daniel's burger

Burger wit' Jack Daniel's sauce

Ribs wit' ultimate BBQ sauce

I gotta say mannn, the food taste so damn delicious. The meat on the ribs are so freaking tender, the onion rings are so damn cruchy not to mention the fries also. The sauce~ oh dear lord, taste freaking delicious.
The meat on the burger also so freakin' delish and well seasoned.
Between you and me, the JackD sauce is so kick-ass. My god ain't it delicious. It's more delicious than the ultimate BBQ sauce. It's like heaven in my pallete.

As for the drink my brother drink Heineken and I drink Signature Mojito

Signature Mojito
Gosh this drink's so delish. I mean it's not bitter, mostly the Mojito that I've tried before are bitter, perhaps there's too many of the mint leaves. Not with this one, taste so damn good.

As for the price everybody, I gotta say it's kinda pricey, for the main dish it starts from approximately 150k
and the cocktail from 110k
Tax 10% and Service 7%.
But I guess its worth it yeahh, the portion's large and the taste is damn good, well, when there's quality there's quantity aye ~

Move on to My OOTD section,awright~~~~~
Please don't mind the people on the background nee~

White blouse and Bowler hat : Uniqlo
Black Pants : Leaf
As for the shoes, I bought it online

Thank you for visiting my blog here's a banana ice cream from Island Creamery~~~

Look forward for the next post nee~~

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