Public enemy No.1


Hey guys, after being on a hiatus for 7 weeks we're back
The reason??? Well, our phone got stollen
Where? At Central Park Mall, inside Bershka

Now here's the chronology, on June the 7th I went to Central Park with my friend, just wanna hang-out and window shopping, then my friend said she wanted to go to Bershka to buy something.
Blah,lah,blah she go to changing room while I browse the store, all of sudden I got cornered by a man and woman about 40 years old. Feeling uncomfortable I forced my way out, about 5 minutes later I feel that something ain't right, and voila when I look at my bag my phone's already gone, since I took a glance at that man's face I search for him and chase him outside the store, well of course there's no thief who would want to admit their crime right???
So I said to him to follow me back into the store and we'll take a look at the cctv

Here's the footage

Now, this is what makes me so dissapointed, see, in order for us to have that footage, we have to wait for about 30-45 minutes, and the store management itself is so slow, like they aren't ready for something like this to happen, we're not allowed to enter the facility inside, they aren't confiscicated that pickpocket's phone and I was left standing without one of the employee or security there to accompany me, Goddamnit.

And here's what I found interesting, yes the store installed CCTV, but, okay, BUT there isn't a SINGLE PERSON who watched over the monitor. If so then what's the point for installing the CCTV??? CRAP

After we watched the CCTV, those pickpocketers were guided into the mall security office, and so are we
and theeeeennnn here's also what I found amusing, It's like the security persuaded me to not to bring this matter to the police, they said things like " ohhh they are syndicate, and it won't be easy to sue them " " they have back-up inside the police rank " "they're going to sue you back if you don't have evidence "

NIGGAAAA, for real??? I have evidence right at the palm of my hand, the footage godamnit, the footage !!!!
And you called that ain't sufficient, OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE.
Well, in the end I leave the office feeling so SUPER DUPER HYPER EXTRA DISSAPOINTED with the service.
At that time I swear to myself, If ever in my life I saw that man or woman then by all means the first thing I'm gonna do is PUNCH 'EM IN THEIR GUTS, DON'T YOU MESS WITH A MANADONESE GIRL
We can so be vicious and wicked ya see.

Yada, yada, yada about 2 weeks later I got a phone call from my friend saying that my phone has been found, I mean Come on, I don't want that phone anymore, just as my father already agreed to buy me a new one, DANG
The caller which is a colleger said that he bought that phone at TOKOBAGUS.COM
See, I already lock that found using my Icloud and Found my phone. I mean, is this boy an idiot or what? Why would you want to buy a phone that's locked??? And the story he told my friend and to me is completely different. So I have a hunched that this boy is the accomplice of those pickpocketers

Well short story, Our phone's back now. Idon't know if I should feel relieved or upset
Now here's a little suggestion for you guys based on our experienced. If there's some people standing to close to you like they're clamp you, don't forced your way out to left or right, forced your way to the back, or just throw yourself on your back cause you see there are not just 2 people there are 4 people min.

Well that's about the story how our phone got stollen, hope ya like it
stay sharp guys  

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