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Hi it's Xeri, been a while isn't it?
Life's been busy so yeah
Ohhh and if you noticed on the post before we have our hair cut short, it's called assymetrical bob, I'm not really into a bob hair but this one turns out fine, I like it. We've had our hair cut since August by the way.

So, last sunday I went to TWG at Plaza Senayan with my friend. Truth is I've been there several times for having tea but never tried their breakfast menu or lunch. So I decided that that sunday I'm gonna tried their breakfast menu

TWG Tea Lasagna (seafood)
 This is the TWG Tea Lasagna, it's just a normal lasagna but the sauce is infused with tea, it taste great, the sauce was creamy and delicate, really suites my palate

Egg Benedict
This one's here is the Egg Benedict, it's a poached egg above cereal buns and top with hollandaise sauce with some salad as garnish. I've had to admit the hollandaise sauce was pretty tasty along with the salad that was seasoned well with vinaigrette, the egg was also cooked to perfection. I really recommended this dish.

As for the tea we're having Silver Moon tea and Happy Birthday tea.
The price is kinda expensive as the foods starts from around 85k and the tea around 35k.
If you just wanted to have a tea time I reccomend you to come around 3pm- 5pm, they have promo for tea set, which you'll get 1 pot of tea and 2 side dishes or 1 cake.

Now onto the OOTD section

I bought the pants and blouse also the bowler hat from Uniqlo. As for the bag I bought online, the shoes I bought in singapore, Bugis to be precise.
So what do thou think? Did short hair suits us? We're planning to dye our hair these days, maybe an ice blond or chestnut brown with pink higlight or maybe silver. Just wait for it yeah
Thanks for reading, hope yeh lot like it, don't forget to follow me on


Look forward for the next post nahhh

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