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Hi there, Rie's here eheeeeee~
So a week ago I went and visit this burger joint called "Three Buns", located in Senopati
this place have been people talk this past few months, so out of curiosity My brother and I visit it.

It's a nice place to hang around and chill with your friends, family, or beloved. The place is simple and clean.
On to the food section,
We order the burger called Four Floors, the burger consists of double patty,double cheese, onions, lettuces, pickles, ketchup and miso mayo

Four floor

Looking good eh? But there's more, We also order Naughty Fries and Wing-its
The Naughty fries consists of Spiced bearnaise, beef chilli, crisp shallots, parmesan and sesame seeds

While Wing-its is a chicken wings with smoky bbq sauce

Naughty fries and Wing-its
As for the drinks we order Bare roots cola and Pina Colada

Pina Colada and Bare roots cola

As for me I think the burger taste not bad, I mean it's good but it could be better, they need to step it up a notch for the seasoning as I taste its lack of salt. For the Naughty fries it's very reccomended cause it taste great, seasoned well, the fries was cooked to perfection, just like the chicken wings, I really really reccomend it.
Let's not forget about the drink, that Bare roots cola was a BOMB, they told it's handmade, as you sip it you'll get the hint of lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and citrus zest. So tastyyyy
As for the Pina Colada, it's a cocktail guys so it'll be a bad idea to consume it on daytime, trust me hahaha. Anyway that one also taste great, the dark rums really kickin' my pallete.

This place is a little expensive for burger joint, the food starts from 95k and the drinks from 35k. But I think it's worth it, they start their business on 11 am. If you don't want to queue I suggest you come around the time the open.

Well after we visit Three Buns we also visit this dessert place called Panna Cotta at Pacific Place

We order two Panna Cottas and teas as well

Panna Cottas and teas
The panna cotta's so awesomely delicious, the soft texture, mliky, and the sauce ohhh so yummm, accompany with lychee and natsu tea, perfect combination.

Anyway folks that's all hope you find it interesting~
keep eating alright? 'Cause happy tummy means happy life :)

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