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Hei Everyone it's Xeri.
Been a while eh ? Been busy with works and stuffs. Well I know it's late but, HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've had so much fun with this year halloween. I celebrate it with my office mates. How about you lot ?

Anyway, last saturday I went to this Cafe in Central Park called Aronzo Aranzi

I love the way they arrange the interior of the cafe, everthing is so cute. The cafe itself is not very big tough. It's located in front of HK Cafe and right beside Starbucks.

This is the cakes that I tried with a friend of mine

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This one is Black Panda Fruit Cake.

And this one is Black Rabbit Fruit Cake.

As for the Drinks, we ordered Panda Latte and Earl Grey Tea.

Now here's the thing, this place is so popular right now, maybe because of the cute interior and also cute shape cakes. But, I don't feel like there's anything special the. Well don't let the " kawaii " fool you. Yes, the cake is moist and look so cute but ultimately, it's all about the taste. Sorry to say, that this place didn't meet my expectation. The cream taste bland, both of the cakes. Luckily the fruits are fresh and sweet enough. Nothing special with the drinks too. The price for the cakes starts from 55K, while the drinks 35K. Will I come back to this place ? Nope, I'd rather eat cakes at Union or Bakerzin. I rate this place 2 out of 5.

Now, onto the OOTD section

Hashtag Bored, truth to be told I kinda get bored with my activities lately. I just think that, I need to bring something new and interesting to my life.

I like my boots with round shape, cause it looks more edgy, and not to forget the studs too.
Just wanted to try punk-raved -ish kinda style I guess.

Oh, almost forgot did we mention that WE CUT OUR HAIR !!!!
And next month we're gonna get it colored uh-huh.

Where to buy ?
Top from H&M
Socks from Sox gallery
Choker from Lunarcult
Black boots fom Bugis, Singapore

Lastly, thanks for reading. Hope yeh lot like it and don't forget to follow us on Instagram

IG: http://instagram.com/gabriela_wu

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