Entwined / 絡んだ


It's Xeri again, don't get bored with me yet, okay ?, okay
Well, there's no review about any restaurant or cafe in this post
But, you got to see my OOTD, ain't that nice enough

Anyway, like we mention before ( or not ) WE CUT OUR HAIR ! AGAIN !
It looks edgy enough, don't yeh agree ?

Short hair suits us more, no ? It's flexible, We don't have to worry about how our hair would turn out for every single morning.

Some might say that " Your hairs are such tragedy " or " What in the world happened to you ? "
Lemme tell you something honey, WE DON'T CARE, WE DO WHAT WE WANT.
After all this is our hair

Well, enough of that. There will be a major change in our appearance next month. Meaning you'll be able to distinguish each one us more easily. Remember, I'm more the edgy, tomboy, street style while Rie's more to sweet, girly girl style.

Where to buy ?
Top : Romp Malaysia
Plaid shirt : Pull and Bear
Rings : H & M
Necklace ; Cominica Couture

Thanks for reading, hope you lot enjoy it
'Till next time
And don't forget to follow us on Instagram

IG: http://instagram.com/gabriela_wu

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