New light/新たな光


Hey there, Rie's at your service tee-hee~
Umm, there's no review about cafe/food/restaurant in this one, sooorrrryyyyy.

But anyway, every single day I fall in love with my hair colour altough it's still blonde, maybe because it stands out too much in my country? I dunno
Sometimes people mistaken me as tourist, they even speak in english to me which sometimes I found a little funny, so I went along with it lol (Our mother language is Bahasa Indonesia).

Now without further undo, let's go to my OOTD segment !!!
P.S: Don't mind the people on the background >.<

Where to buy ?

Blouse: Juicy Woozy
Shirt: Pull&Bear
Pants: Body&Soul
Necklace: GreedySassy
Bowler Hat: Uniqlo

That's all for today fellas
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じゃあまたね !!!

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