Pseudo Limit/疑似制限


Hey, it's Xeri...again
So... about this post, well, sorry, I got no review about food and restaurant.

Remember that I hinted something on the previous post?.
Something about 'surprise' ?

Lo and behold, it's Blonde now. Anyway we're aiming for Virgin Snow, which to accomplish that colour we had to bleach our hair 4-5 times. We only bleach our hair for 3 times for now, gotta let it rest for about another 2 weeks 'til we bleach it again.
Why? well isn't it obvious, bleaching will destroy your hair, making it dry as well as breaking. Not to mention it will fried up your scalp. Make sure to visit the pro for this 'kay?

My hairstylist said that don't forget to go through treatment such as hair spa, as it will bring the moisture back into our hair, also use hair mask. And for the shampoo, use the one for colored hair. Last but not least use serum or any kind of hair vitamin.

See this picture? That's the color we're dying to achieve ( I used PS to edit it). Well, guess we just need to be patient about it and let our hair rest for about 2 weeks.

Anyway, moving on from that, I told my friend that I would like her to experiment with visual-kei make-up on my face of course and she did.

What do you think ? I love it anyway, I mean, yes it's a little extreme for everyday make-up, but what the hell, as long as you're confident then I guess it won't be a problem. Visit her blog if you want to know the steps, click here

And now the finale, my OOTD

Where to buy?
Top: Romp
Jeans: American Eagle
Rings: H&M

So, what do you think about our new hair? Suit us no?
Rie's still struggling with this color though, but I'm sure she can rock it

Anyway, thanks for reading, you lot. Keep supporting us and also follow us on IG:

Here's a bonus, bye now

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