Hello there, you folks, it's Xeri
Yes, as you may see, Rie's been appearing a lot more than I do, just because I'm kind of busy
I'm the main star today, so just sit tight and let me do my things, okay?

Today I want to do a review about this Ramen joint in Pacific Place, Ippudo
I hear this one is pretty popular overseas and also in Japan itself.
So I'm a little bit curious about how tasty it would be

There're 3 dishes that I ate that day

Buta Karaage
 First one, as appetizer I ordered this Buta Karaage, the pork's meat is so juicy and tender, it's so heavenly, not too sure about the sauce but still, fan of the dish

Crap, I forgot this dish name, My bad. Well, it's kinda like a steak over a crispy fried noodle and top with soft boiled egg. The flavor of the steak were taken over by the dominant taste of ginger, so it's not really to my liking. But, they made the soft boiled egg so perfectly, guess that's a plus for me

Shiromaru Chashu
Okay, so this is their ramen with original tonkotsu broth. I have to say, it's very delicious. The broth wasn't too thick, the pork belly was also so tasty and tender. Sorry Ikkudo Ichi and Hakata Ikkousha, Ippudo toppled you two from my number 1 top ramen list. This Ramen really stands for its popularity

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal I had here. I'll rate it 8.5. The price however is a little expensive for ramen, but it's really worth it. If you happened to visit Pacific Place Mal anytime soon and craving for Ramen, be sure to visit this place

Pacific Place Mall, Level 5
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, 12190

Phone: (+6221) 57973339

Opening Hours: Lunch 11.00 - 22.00

Enough with the food, let's move on to my OOTD section

Notice the plaster on my right knee?
Thing is, I fell in the middle of Car exhibition at Senayan City. I swear to God, it's the most embarassing thing. I kinda grazed my knee, but luckily enough, it's not crowded at that time, and I guess there're only old man that wander around where I fell. Still tough.... Ah, whatever.

Look at this 3 cute bear that I've found

Where to buy?
Top: Adidas x Rita Ora, Adidas shop
Shorts: Leaf
Stocking: Marks & Spencer

That's all for today, thanks for reading
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あまたね ! 

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