Hey there folks! It's Xeri
There's no restaurant or cafe review in this post, sorry 'kay

Anyway, in return I'll tell you more about myself in this post

As you may see from the way I dressed and styled myself, I'm more to the boyish and edgy thing, so never expect me to act all feminim and cutesy.

My favorite color are black and red. I love dancing and I've consider to make a youtube account as a showcase for it. Hates coffee and sweet things. My hobbies including go to amusement park and ride the adrenalin-pumping ride, playing console games, reading and hang-out

My motto is: I can be your sweetest dream or your worst nightmare

People first impression when they met me is that I'm 'sassy', kinda cold, not very talkative, serious, and rarely smile.
You know, I couldn't agree more. I'm not the type whose get so friendly with person or people whom I just met, I take my time knowing and observing them, I also don't trust people easily. As for the smile, no reason, if there isn't something funny then I don't have to laugh, I hate straining my face muscle for pointless and fake smiles.

Oh, and did you paid attention to my eyes? Some, no, many says that I look sassy and sometimes sinister is all thanks to this piercing eyes of mine. Well, me personally, could care less about that

There's this one day that my friend told me that there's some boys who would love to be friends or interested for dating me, but they're too scared to approach. They told her that there's like this aura surrounding me that says 'don't touch me' or 'don't come near me if you don't have something important to tell me'. And because of this aura I kinda unconciusly chase away the boys.

My first reaction was, really?. ( 本当に ?)

Tough luck,huh?  If he's afraid to approach me just because of that then sorry, that means you're not manly enough. Perhaps this is the right time to say 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'.

Well, that's pretty much sums all thing about me, now why don't we head to my OOTD Section

Where to buy?
Oversized top: The Goods Dept
Purple bag: EVB
Bracelet: Uniqlo
Stocking: Marks & Spencer
Floppy Hat: H&M
Jeans shirt: Forever 21
Chokers: Lunar cult (check out her IG, she sells super rad chockers)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading
Don't forget to follow us on G+ and IG

And if you have something to ask then by all means, I love me some feedbacks
Till next time


P.S: I can smile, here's the proof

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