Yahoooo, Rie's at your service tee-hee
I'm soooooo soooorrryyyyy for not updating my blog in ummmm 2 weeks or so? hahaha hikzzz :((

Aaaaaanyway, let's get down to business shall we?
Lately I've been craving for ramen so very much, and then I heard about this ramen joint called 'Bankara' at Lotte Shopping Avenue.
Short story I went there to try it

Cover of the Menu
The restaurant was cozy in its own way I think, So authentic and modest

At that time I ordered Charshu Men, Butamiso and Chicken Karaage ( Because the Buta Karaage was out of stock *cry). For the beverage, none other than Hot Ocha of course and like many other Japanese Restaurant you can free refill your Ocha

Charshu Ramen


Tori Karaage
The Charshu Ramen taste sooooooooo dang delicioussss, sorry Ippudo but Bankara have overthrow you from 1st place on my personal rank. The stock was heavenly and not too thick, the pork meat was so juicy and tender. Flawless my friend, flawless. Thumbs up for Charshu Ramen!!!!

Now, The Butamiso, ummmmm in my opinion it's too "sweet". Too many shoyu and then too many beansprouts like, I'm not even joking but half of my ramen was all but beansprouts lolz. But it still taste pretty good though, just not to my liking.

The Tori Karaage was okay, it's fresh and tender, and served with mayo sauce, but nothing's really stands out. Ohhhh how I wish the Buta Karaage wasn't out of stock :((

And about the portion, my GOD it has enormous portion like really really massiv, big, whatever you called it. Personally, I think 1 bowl can be shared between 2 persons hahaha.

Anywayyy, I have no regrets eating in this joint, my meal taste good overall. The price starts at 65K to 99K. Be sure to visit this Ramen Joint if you're in Jakarta, Indonesia~

Ciputra World, Lotte Shopping Avenue, 3rd Floor, Jakarta
Opening Hours: 10.00 - 22.00
021 29889305

Wanna know what I ate for desserts? ho-hoooooooo
Here it is Momi and Toys banana split!!!!

So yumyyyyyyyyyy, I love me some crepes ahahahaha
It's located on the UG on Lotte Shopping Avenue, they're specialized in crepes, try them when you have the opportunity~

Now now now, without further redo, let's go to myyyyyyyy OOTD gallery, yeayyyyyyyyy

Please don't mind me ugly roots 'kay? So busy lately, I don't have the time to re-touch it, hopefully soon, yeah~

Where to buy?
Bow hairpin: Chibiland
Lightning Earrings: VNC
Bangle: Uniqlo
Top: Stupkid (Check out their IG, they're selling rad stuffs)
Shorts: Body&Soul

Well, hope you enjoy it, don't forget to add our G+ and follow our IG @gabriela_wu


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