Worst dream/最悪な夢が


Hey folks, it's Xeri
No restaurant/cafe reviews in this post


Ever had a bad dream in your life?
I do, many times. The worst was about me getting left behind, alone.
No matter how hard I scream, I can't hear a single voice. I keep walking and walking and then I just give up while watching my whole body being consumed by the darkness. And then I woke -up because of the alarm sound.

To tell you the truth, I don't mind at all being consumed by it, for I realized that darkness ain't so bad. There are some people who find peace or traquillity in darkness, and that includes me.

Sometimes I see that, people are so fake, they hold knife right behind their back. They pretend to Love but the truth was different, they Hated each other. Putting on that fake smile everyday, everyhour. Well, I'm just the same anyway, holding a knife right in front of someone's throat.
I opened up and they judged me, hilarious. I don't need pity, I don't want to look into those damned eyes.

Ahhhhh, judged me all you guys want, I don't even give a damn anymore. I'm different and You're all the same, which one's worst, I wonder?

In one body, that lies two personality.
I'm art thou, thou art me
Judge me all the way you want, but if you hurt her, then I'll make you face the worst punishment you've ever imagine

Enough talking, here's my OOTD

Where to buy?
Long sweater dress: Uniqlo
Denim boots: Gosh

Got anything to say? Then by all means
Till next time then


Life eats another life to eat.
I know I too will be eaten, like I did.
I hope at least I taste good

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