Our Future/二人の未来 (利映)


Rie's point of view

Oh dear God, I haven't write for a month (again)
I'm so so so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy, I've lost track of days lately because of work tee-hee~

Just, don't get bored with me, 'kay?

Ohhh, anyway, have you ever think about how your future would turn out?
As for me I do, you kow, sometimes it got to the point where I'm scared. I mean, life isn't always go smoothly, you gain some yet you lose some.

As a child I wanted to become a famous chef, but look at where life leads me now, so far from my dream hahaha.
Where would I be 10 years from now? Am I married or still single? Do I still kept in touch with my friend? Would my beloved people still alive? Am I still alive?
Those are some of my thoughts that keep repeating itself inside my head

But, surely, when you have the courage to embrace the changing around you, then that wouldn't be a problem right?
As for me, I have Xeri who always got my back~. Not to forget my family and friends too~

I'm just happy that I'm still alive at this moment, and I'm trying to live life to its fullest. Trying not to regret every decision and choice that I've made. Creating so much important and fun memories with everyone. Going through a heartbreak. Never forget my beloved person who already passed away. Meeting new people and creating new bonds. There's so much thing that life offer to us!

Sure, future is important, but try to live in the present and live life to its fullest, then surely you would have a bright future lies in wait for you. As time pass, people will change, but stay true to yourself

That's all my babbling for today ahahaha, let's go to my OOTD segment

I'm feeling like a school girl~

Where to buy?
White blouse: Pull&Bear
Black jacket: Uniqlo
Tie: Claire's
Boots: Gosh

Till next time then~

気付かれなかった 本当の僕を見つけてくれた
仄暗い過去と繋いだ手を離してよ 解いてよ 笑ってくれよ

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