Our Future/二人の未来 (せり)


Xeri's point of view

Future, huh? Interesting
Never really thought of it, because I'm the type of person who live at the moment
Yes, there'll be a lot of warning, but, regardless of it all, the future doesn't scare me at all
If I can live through the day, then the future won't be so much of a problem

Yes, sometimes Rie thought about it to much it damage her "mental".
She's jaded, but still trying to put up a smile. She's slowly losing that beautiful wings, that pretty white feather slowly scattered.,

People will change, so are we, the heart has become numb and the passion has become cold. Don't expect any sympathy from me, cause that words doesn't ring a bell anymore. Too much things have happened, I don't care about my surrounding anymore. Talk shit about me, that's fine, but, anyway, you don't wanna make me mad hahaha...HAHAHAHA....hmphhh

As long as she's still there, smiling, then I don't care what future holds in store for me. One thing for sure, I exist to protect her.
Time has raised a flower that will surely hurt someone

Guess that's all for "future" kinda thing. Let's go to my OOTD section

" I was no longer hearing nothing but my own voice "

優しい人にならなくちゃ 僕は僕を肯定していたい
優しい人にならなくちゃ 心が悴む前に

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