Beyond the boundary/境界の彼方


Heihoooooooo~ Rie's here!
How are you? Aghhhh I've neglected my blog again for 1 month, sooorryyyyy.
Hufftttt, anyway I'll try and make it up with you in this post

First things first, I'm gonna do a review about this restaurant named "Publik Markette" located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

So, I went there with my family and wow, the interior was astounishing. I mean it's casual yet elegant, and you would want to spend much time there hanging out and chatting with your family, colleague or friends and so on.

There's a wide range of food, from appetizer to main course to dessert, even beverages~
Oh yeah, one thing that's really interesting here is, their menu change everyday. Every single day, how awesome's that?

So we ordered 3 main course, Crispy pork, Pork Ribs and Mediteranian Sea Bass. The main course also come with side dish such as Mash potatoes, Salad, Brocolli and so on.

Whoopsss, I forgot about the appetizer, I ordered Cream soup.

As for the dessert, we ordered Blueberry Pie and Apple Pie

Well for me the all-star meal was the pork ribs, it's succulent and juicy, there's like a burst of flavour ini my mouth. Second is the Crispy pork, so yummy and the meat was so tender and juicy. Last was the mediteranian sea-bass, it was cooked so perfectly and it absorbs all the herbs, for you who doesn't like strong flavour, I really reccomended this one ^^.

The dessert was also taste so good. The apple pie was both sweet and tangy, so is the blueberry pie. I'm so satisfied with this restaurant.
The price range here was about 300k - 500k per person, but trust me, it's worthed!

Good Food means Happy Tummy, Happy Tummy means Happy Life ohohohohoho.

Now, now. Let us move to OOTD section, yeayyyyy!!!!!

Ahhhgggg, I really need to go on a diet to have flat abs hufffttttt. Really wanna try Muay Thai or Jiujitsu hahahhaha. Gotta cross beyond the boundary huh?
Ohhh, almost forgot. I'm planning to dyed my hair again, maybe next month. Really wanna try going silver or maybe sea foam? Haven't decided yet lol~

Anyway, thanks for reading eheeeeee. Look forward for my next post, okayyyy~

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