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Heeeeyyyyy Guys!~
Rie's at your service tee-hee ^^

On this one particular post, I'm going to share my experience when I took a day off from the office, flew back home and visited Pal Beach!

Actually it happened on 14th August >.<. I flew back to Manado on 11th August, cause my Father would celebrate his 65th birthday on 12th August.
Ahhhhhh, I really enjoyed my time there. So relaxing, no polluted air, and you can see stars clearly on nightfall.

My dog welcomed me as I disembark from airplane ohohoho, he's such a cutie my little prince Phillipi von Gomgom the second.

I've heard about this Pal Beach several times from my friends. They said that the water's really clear you can see its bottom, and I'm like, really? Show me the picture then. And of course they send it, which makes me so jellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
When I finally go back to my hometown, I ask my father and mother to take me there. Turns out that my father have visited this beach once, hummmmmmmmm.

Aaaanywayyyy,here's how Pal Beach looks like:

OMG, I immediately fall in love with this beach the moment I lay my eyes on it!!!!
The water's crystal clear, there's no garbage around, the sand is as white as the cloud. I could spent my whole life here~

There're also some water sports here that you can try, ya know, like banana boat, jet ski, and so on. The people here are also really nice :)
Ooopppsss, I forgot to tell you the location ainn't I? eheeeeee :)))))

It's located on East Likupang, North Minahasa, North Sulawesi. It's on a village named Marinsow.
My hometown is in Manado by the way~
If you happened to visit Manado make sure you came to this beach okay? But don't litter please! We'd like to keep our beach clean :)

The people here told me that there will be a resort build in there pretty soon! So excited, that means I can spent a night or two there~

Oh by the way, when you visit here do make sure that you bring your own food as they didn't sell food there. Don't expect the changing room to be nice, it's just a square room built from bamboo and covered with sack lolz. You also gotta pay for rinse off, about Rp.10,000, c'mon that's pretty darn cheap.

Hope you guys enjoy my story about Pal Beach. Aaahhhhh, can't wait to come back there again~
Advice though, visit this beach on mid-year because it's summer in Indonesia, if you visit on the end of year chance is it will heavily raining :)

Thanks for reading and see you on the next post~

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