Monochrome Kiss / モノクロのキス


Haiiiiii Haiiiiii
Guess who?... Yep, it's Rie again~
How are you guys? Doing well? Hope you do!

Things been okay for me lately, I guess ehehehe. A little flashback here, so I was browsing Youtube in the middle of work hour (psssstttt) cuz I was so bored and my brain need some refreshing time, then I came stumbled upon Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) - the book of circus video.

Well, I've watched Kuroshitsuji I and II, but, I didn't know about this one, I'm so late ahahahaha~
The characters were amazing, I love the circus theme then I've a thought..." Guess I can make one particular post with circus theme on it ".
Soooooo, I asked my MUA friend, Novie,  to do my makeup while I prepare the outfits. Ta-dahhhh, didn't come out as I plan LOL. It's more like a punk lolita than circus hahahahahahaha

 Oh well~
At least the makeup was inspired from Ciel~
Just slap a blue colored contact lenses and draw black line juat a few inch below your natural eye line. Result? Big Eyes! Just like in Anime. Don't forget to use a white liner too in your tearduct and inside the line that you draw before~

Contour your face to create a slimmer face and of course your nose too, to create an illusion of a taller nose ^^

 Ohhh, anime boys always have this thin straight brow right? Of course you can create that as well without shaving that eyebrow of yours. Just use a washable glue stick, stroke your brows about 10 times, wait for it to dry and then apply concealer on top of it!
Don't forget to prepare some fake lashes too, so your eyes would appear bigger and lively, just like those anime characters~

I'm babbling too much aren't I? LOL

Ohhh, by the way, by the way, I'm gonna try cosplaying!!!!!
But, I'll wait 'til next year. Have a lot of preparation to do, including diet -__- and deciding which character I wanna be~
I'd really wanna try cross-playing, buttt we'll see how it goes ehehehe

Almost forgot, for those who lived in Indonesia, will you go to AFAID this weekend?
Heard Kaname's attending kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Wanna see him with my own eyes! I love his Cloud and Kaito cosplay >.<
I'm planning to go there in Sunday~

Wanna learn how to do my makeup? Go and visit my Novie's blog here. She wrote the tutorial :)

As for the top, got them from @futarinomise (IG). Go and check it out, there's a lot of cute and edgy stuffs there. Psssstttt, I'm the owner by the way ahahaha~

Neee, neee, Xeri and me already decided what color we would dye our hair next~
Curious? Don't worry, Imma write about it~

Aaaaannnyyyywwwaaaayyyyyyy, thanks for reading this blogpost. Hope you like it!
See you next time ^^

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