What's up? Xeri here. Been awhile eh?
Just so you guys know, Halloween's just around the corner!
So I decided to make a colaboration post with my friend, which is a make-up artist, about a Halloween look that, well, maybe you're interested and wanna try it.

Inspired by one of my favourite Visual-Kei Band, SID, from their single, Enamel. This looks will surely show Creepy feelings BUT a sense of Edgyness as well.

Afterall, Halloween is all about creativity. Meaning you can mix and match costumes and of course, make-up.

The half and half concept were to show you about 2 sides of every individuals. When there's light, there will also be darkness. Human itself were beautiful, but beneath that, they also have ugly side.
One cannot exist without each other.

Now, let's talk about the clothes that I wear. As I said before, this look were inspired by Visual-Kei Band. Rebellious yet edgy, creepy yet beautiful. Wear a lot of accesories, and leather outfits, don't forget to put a thick eyeliner to defined your eyeshape.

For more edgy feelings, I suggest You to use red lipstick as well as red eyeshadow. It'll make your lip and eyes pop out. Don't forget to put on some white contact lens and red contact lens.

Well folks, guess that's all for now, if you wanna see the complete tutorial with stepby step, do visit my friend's blog, here
She also has tutorial for Kuchisake Onna/Mouth Slithed Woman.


Long Shirt: H&M.
Leather Skirt: H&M.
Leather Jacket: Boutique in Manado.
Cross Neklace, Rings, and Earrings : Bugis, Singapore and H&M.

Well, guess that's all for now, look forward to our next post, as we may have a little "Surprise"
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See you next time.

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