The good, the bad, and the ugly about wearing a wig


Heyyy there fellas~
It's been quite some times now, isn't it? hehe
Life's been busy, so yeahhh.

Actually, I was planning to write about this on November, but...oh well.
Anyway, if you noticed on my picts over the Instagram, there's a few photos there where my hair was long, and yep you guess right! I'm wearing a wig.

Story is, my very very important friend implored me to dyed my hair with a "normal/makes sense" color for her wedding day. Me of course have to reject it, 'cause you know I'm spending so much money to make my hair color like this, I'm not going to dyed it back to black or dark brown, nuh-uhhhhhhh.
At that time, I was given the honor to become her bride's maid lolz. So, my last resort was to buy a wig. Short story, I chose this wig, right here.

It comes with a pink bag and haircap. Kimiko was the brand.

Now, here's the thing, the seller told me that this is Original, and I can straighten, blow, and even hairdo it. Also, the seller told me that this wig was made from Kanekalon Fiber which have a similiar fabric with real hair. And, you know what? I was really REALLY dissapointed when this wig's finally arrived.

I'm gonna break down some of my dissatisfaction:

1. It does looks like a WIG, it's too shiny under the light
2. It's thin, and by thin I mean REALLY thin, you can even look the scalp/hairnet beneath it.
3. I can't straighten it, blow it, let alone hairdo it. When the stylist trying to straighten my hair this wig burns. Uh-huhhh burns.
4. It's tight and uncomfortable, I even had a migrain after an hour of wearing it huffftttttt.

Dunno if you can see it in this pict, but really, this wig's really thin.
Well, turns out the Original one was much more pricey, around 600K (this is the cheapest). And I got this wig for only 280K. Ahhhhhh, the dissapointment. I'm not going to buy again from that shop.

So, here's my Summary:

1. Double check the shop where you wanna buy your wig, you don't wanna feel the same                         disappointment like I do.
2. Head size does matter.
3. It's hot and sweaty when you wear a wig.
4. It's better to spend a little bit more of your money on a good wig, rather than buying a cheap one.
5. Don't expect it to be like 100% the same as the picture you saw on the online store, you still gotta       trim and restyle it.
5. The only good thing is that it can hide your real hair.

Anyway, whatever. At least it help me hide my real hair.
Time for my OOTD segments!!!!

Check out how I look with long(fake) hair~

Check out my rad earrings and ring, got it from H&M~

Where to buy?
Shirt: Forever21
Leather skirt: H&M
Acc: H&M
Shoes: Gosh

Aaaannnddd, I guess that's all for now fellas.
Oh, next time I'm gonna post 2 blogpost with 1 different day. One is the normal blogpost, while the other kinda like a story telling. It's super sweet I tell ya!

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See you on our next blogpost, ciao!!!! :D

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