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Hey there, Rie's here!
Many thanks for reading my blog ehehe~

So, like I said from the previous one, I'm going to post 2 posts with 1 different day!
To be honest, you know, this post's supposed to be post on December ^_^''

But...yeah...ahahahahha. I went back home and forgot to it lolz.
Anyway, how's your Christmas? Mine was awesome! Got to spend time my time with my precious families back home, eating so many delicious food and last fell sick lolz.

The day after Christmas I got a high fever, whine like a baby the next 3 days, and recovered on the 4th day. Talk about wasting my precious "off-from-work" time hikzzz, But, I still enjoyed it.
On this 2016, I have a big dream to achieve, one of them was making my own kawaii accesories brand!
I'm already working on it~
I think I'm gonna write about it as well as attach some of my creation in the future post~~~

Aaaanywayyy, enough of my chit-chat, and see how my OOTD this time, let's goooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

'Tis is my most fave one!

See that top? It has that Christmas vibe on it isn't it? Too bad I forgot to post it on time ^^''

Notice my hair? ahahahha
The black roots have grown so long it make me look like I have an ombre hair lolz :))))

A lots and lots of people often told me, even the hairstylist from One Piece Salon that I recently visited "wowww, your hair color's pretty amazing, how did you dyed it like that? It looks so natural"

Thing is, I'm just too lazy to bleach my hair again, and before I notice, it has grown too long, oh dear~
After all that money I spent on buying the Pravana Silver and Blissful Blue that still sits quietly on my drawer =="

Nyahhhh, I probably gonna bleach it again but not on this near time~

That's all for now, thanks for reading, don't forget to follow us on IG here
See ya on my next blogpost, ciao!!!!

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