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"Me, unable to reach the dreams I keep on chasing after, 
And you, crouching down under the great weight of every passing day... 
Through the same loneliness, we connected. I've never forgotten a thing..."

That sentences really represent us, don't you think? We met through the same loneliness,

now you've found your happiness and I'm yet to found mine.
Your heart's crystal clear, while mine still under the crying sky...

Remember that date we had? You made me wait for half an hour. 

Though, I think I'm the one who
arrived earlier. Why? Because I'm excited yet nervous.

And did you know? I've started to had this foolish thought that you're going to ditch me.
But, as soon as I saw your face, all those foolish thought were replaced 
with happiness and joy.

Me, the girl whom always walk alone at the front, and you, the man who walks slowly yet

very observant of your surrounding.
Eventually I had to hold your hand to made you walk faster. But, deep inside, 
I know that we both enjoy that small, little gesture.

You know. your hand is so warm, and I knew that it can protect me from any harm.

We talked about a lots and lots of things. You probably hadn't notice, 
but I love hearing you talk,
every single thing that you talked about was so interesting. 
I never said this to you, but your smile was so mesmerizing, it often made me blush.

That day, you told me that you would like to buy some new clothes. Well, we always 

had different opinion about fashion. You want something simple, yet I always suggest 
something that would show more of your cool side. 

Well, obviously we ended up buy one of your choice and one of mine.

Still remember our habit whenever we go out on a date? Yep, visit a cafe, 

so we can eat delicious cake together. As a man, you were surprisingly have a sweet-tooth, 
which I think is amusing. That face you made when you're eating a delicious cake 
is somewhat...cute. I always enjoy watching you eat happily~

You, who prefer coffee, and me, who prefer tea. Remember that day when we swap our drink? We ended up making weird faces because of that and broke out in laughter.
I wonder if you still remember my favorite kind of tea...

Sometimes you would nagging me to share and fed my cake to you. 
But still, we always cherished 
those moments, aren't we?

Remember the promise we made that day? That we will go to Japan together?
I was so excited!
Every time we visit the bookstore, I always head towards the Travel Guides section 
and started planning about the places that we would visit in there.

Well, I guess that promise will remain unfulfilled, huh....
We both gave up on each other a little too early, don't we?

Since then, how much distance has opened up between the two of us?

Because of that "circumstances" I'm unable to even face you...
No matter how many times I loved you, and how many times I resented you, 
this tightly wound thread continues to gently bind me .
And so, I can't say that even now, I want to hold you,that it still hurts.
I try so many times to say that words, "Goodbye".

You know, I feel like everything I do, just gets in your way.

Even this writing and my constant worrying...
If nothing can stay unchanged, will we too, slowly begin to change?

As I wait for a contact from you, which will never come, 

I poured my feelings into this empty days.
That new doors we saw in front of us. When you pushed firmly against yours,
You were so very bright...

So many half written and discarded messages began to pile up, along with my feelings. 

You were the first person who truly made me think 
" I want to protect you "

No matter how many times I loved you, no matter how many times I resented you, 

this tightly wound thread continues to gently bind me to you.
And that's why, I have to say it, that " I still love You "

Hey, I'm lonely when you're not here...

I must have trouble you again as I wrote my honest feelings.

This clouded heart, I wonder if it will ever be clear?

I'm just there, being pelted by the cruel rain. 
Even as they grew wet, these eyes were looking at tomorrow. 
I want to become stronger, too...

[あなた が いたから 僕 が いる よ]
[I am here because you were there in my life] 

[雨 は いつか 上がる はず だよ]

The rain will surely let up someday, I suppose.

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Red Thread/アカイト

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