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Rie has a personality like butterfly. Pretty to see but hard to catch. Got her stubborn and smart side from her mother, while she catch her father's wise and subtle side.

She was already shown her interest towards art from early childhood. As a juvenile, she started to take a liking to Japanese Culture and Pop Arts. After graduate high school, she decided to move and get better education in Jakarta. She went to Bina Nusantara University and received her tittle, Bachelor of Art there. 

As she grown mature, so does her persona. She hates the way of living and dressing ordinarily, because she thinks that every single person should have something unique that only belong to them. So, she started to write a blog about her way of dressing. Her blog was also a platform to channel her Alter Ego, Xeri. Resulted in double personalities, one that has a cute and feminine aura around her, the other with somewhat fierce, dark and boyish charm.

I am Her, She is Me.

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